Hot Dog & Bean Casserole

Hot Dog & Bean Casserole

Do you ever get hungry for things your Mama made when you were little?  I do. 

It seems as though I can't get it out of my head or taste buds until I make and eat it.

Generally speaking my family are great sports and just go along with me (like they really have a choice since I'm the "cook"). Well the other

night it happened again. I looked into my fridge and saw hot dogs. Then the thought came to me to have hot dogs and pork and beans for

dinner. My Mom used to just cut up hot dogs and put them in a sauce pan with a can of pork and beans, heat them up and serve them. 

I decided to switch it up just a little. What I did was I heated up my cast iron frying pan, put a little oil in it. Then I added sliced hot dogs (cut

into rings) and fried them 'til they started to get a little brown. Next, I poured the hot dogs into a casserole dish, added the pork and beans,

mixed them up and baked them for 1 hour. 

My family loved it. By slicing the hot dogs, and frying them it brought out a very nice almost sweet flavor. 

The baking of the casserole made them thick and rich.