2021 and air fyers

Well 2020 is gone and now we’re just finishing the first week of 2021.

I won’t get into politics but whew, I’m glad to be bringing the first week to an end.

Let’s all pray that 2021 gets better and is better than 2020. That this Covid thing would get resolved and we can get our lives back to normal (before 2020).

Enough said.

Due to our diet changes my husband and I have been trying new recipes. Some we have found and changed to meet our needs and others we just put together ourselves.

While the diet changes have been difficult to figure out it has been fun at the same time.

I am always willing to try new ways of cooking things, or trying new gadgets to see how they really work.

Our daughter and son-in-law got us an air fryer. I have been skeptical of them. I mean, how good can they be if you’re not using oil, or butter to fry in, right? 

Well so far I have only fried potatoes in it. They turned out fine. I think I had too many in the basket though. Next time I will use a lesser amount of potatoes. Get this. You do use oil in the air fryer, just not as much as you normally would in a frying pan. I’m gonna have to try something else init. Maybe some chicken thighs would be good. We’ll see. I will be sure to let you know what I try and how it turns out.