Chickens are a lot of work but they are also fun.

They variety we got are called Red Stars. They are much like Rhode Island Reds. The eggs are supposed to be large brown eggs.

It gives me great pleasure to see how these chickens have grown. We got them when they were 4 days old (it took them 3 days to get here)., That was May 3, 2019.

When they got here you could hold 2 in your hand with no problem.

They are so fun to watch. 

Whenever I go out the door they come running thinking I have some food for them.

When I call out here chicks chicks they come running up as well.

Once they were big enough I would have to go out  and round them up to put them to bed. Now I go out just as it is getting dark and all I have to do is close the door, much easier.

Today, July 20, 2019, they are full grown. One of my roosters (I have 2) is at least 14” tall. The hens are about 10-12” tall. They are 11 1/2 weeks old.

They are supposed to start laying eggs by  22 weeks, so we are 1/2 way there. I can’t wait to get the first egg. Then they will start paying for themselves.

Our plan is to sell the extra eggs. With 21 hens I should get at least 18-21 eggs a day once they are in full swing.

Supposedly they lay eggs year round, cold weather is not a hinderance to them. So we will see. If all of that is true we should get 13 dozen or so a week. I will definitely have enough to sell.

I will let you know when we do start selling eggs and how much they will be.

NOTE: If you want to raise chickens for eggs or meat don’t expect it to be cheaper than you can buy in the store. Generally speaking it’s not. It is a better product though and you know how they were cared for and what they ate. The eggs and meat is much better just not much cheaper if at all.