Cold weather

Remember  it’s winter time now, although pretty dry it’s still cold outside.

This is the time of year perfect for some steaming hot brothy soup.

I’m convinced brothy soup is  a natural way to both heal up colds, flues, and winter cruds.

I mean homemade wonton soup, hot sour soup, chicken noodle soup, potato sausage soup (zuppa toscana) just feels good going down, warms you up inside, breaks through the crud in your throat, opens up nasal passages, soothes your belly. What could be better?

Adding a teaspoon  of white or rice vinegar in your bowl of soup will give your soup and extra boost in breaking through the above mentioned ailments.

For me soups like split pea, clam chowder, potato chowder, and stews are great to help warm you up, feel good in the belly, and just tastes incredible. Mmmmm goood!

So look up some recipes and keep making soups all winter long. Your house will smell wonderful and get warmed up from the cooking of them.

Eat and Enjoy!