Diet Changes

First and foremost I want to make it PERFECTLY clear, I am NOT a doctor, or health care provider at all! I AM however, a mother of 9, 

grandmother of 9 and wife to only 1 husband ever in my life. So please if you have ANY health problems talk to your doctor BEFORE you

make ANY diet changes. I would NEVER want to advise you on health matters. I am sharing what works for me and my family. The 

things I am sharing below are NOT intended for you to diagnose  or treat any health conditions. These are just some changes we have 

made that has been good for us and I wanted to share them with you.

Because both my husband and I want to be healthier we have decided to make a few changes in our diets along with some exercise.

Neither of us believe in following a set diet because that only sets you up for failure. You know like counting calories, no sugar, no fat,

those kind of things.

What we do believe in is eating better. We don't count calories, or deprive ourselves. The thing we do is change the kind of salt, sugar, 

oil, grains, and we eat more vegetables.

My husband read a study saying that you can eat as much as you like just make sure your plate is 1/2 full of vegetables (and don't just 

look at them but actually eat them).

Ten years ago I found out I was border line diabetic, so I made some changes right then. To replace refined sugar we use unrefined 

organic sugar, evaporated cane juice,honey,brown rice syrup, and molasses.  At that time I was a pretty heavy salt user. So once I got a 

grip on the sugar change, I changed the salt we use. 

Man you wouldn't believe how much weight I lost. No joke the weight came pouring off of me. All I did was instead of regular table salt I

use Sea Salt and tasted my food before adding any salt to it.

While using any salt can cause you to retain water Sea Salt doesn't do it as badly. My family hasn't minded the changes at all. 

For myself, I am very careful about the salt and sugar I use.  The rest of my family not as much but at least at 

home I know what they are eating.

Because there are some digestion problems we have decided to eat more whole grains and less refined flours. Notice I said less not NO

refined flours. I still cook with my  sourdough starter using unbleached all purpose flour. Why? Because fermented foods are good for 

your digestion. I even know people personally that can't have gluten in their diets but sourdough even though it's made with all purpose

flour is just fine for them because it is fermented.

These are the kind of changes we have made and it works for us.

I hope you find this information helpful.