Family Get Togethers

 I don’t know about you but we love having family get togethers. Either at our house or another family members. It doesn’t matter where just doing it is a huge part of our family culture. Wether it’s a birthday party, anniversary party, some holiday celebration it’s all good. There are many really good cooks in our family. Everybody always bring out their best when we get together for a meal. It really is a lot of food, a lot of gourmet foods, a whole lot of eating, visit, relaxing all together. Starting in October and going through February we have several birthday’s and a few anniversaries. So we get together often. Pretty much our family uses any excuse to gather together and eat. Hey, what can I say we all love to eat.

Winter time is a time when the weather isn’t really conducive to doing much outside due to the weather, so having some type of party is wonderful.

Not all of our parties are elaborate. Many are just very simple. Things like a nacho feed, or hotdogs and burgers, or a pancake feed makes for a great time. Simple, easy, and tasty food. What more can a person ask for?

I hope your family gets together often and just enjoy being together, making memories, and  eating together.

Most importantly that whatever you do just do something together.

Eat and Enjoy.