Do you eat Lamb? We sure do at our house. My husband and I eat more Lamb than anything else, then wild caught fish, and eggs are our main proteins. We still eat beef, chicken, and pork, are part of our regular fare as well, just not very often. The eggs are straight fro: our own farm raised chickens. As for the fish we only eat wild caught fish, NEVER farm raised. Yes it’s a little more costly but it is only the two of us and we only eat 4 oz. each. So it really doesn’t cost us more than eating beef, something we used to eat a lot of and it took more to satisfy our appetites. 

To keep the cost down on the lamb I buy boneless leg of lamb at Costco or Smart food service, bring it home and grind it myself. A lot of work ? Yes, but I love doing it and it’s my job to provide the best quality food for my family as inexpensively as possible. Then once it’s ground I make the different items I listed below and put it in the freezer and it’s ready to cook when I need it.

We have found that anything you do with beef, chicken or pork you can do with lamb. For instance we make our own sausage,  roasts, stew meat, Empanadas, tacos , burgers, Pot Roast,egg rolls, and lamb barley soup, wonton soup, and chow menin are several things we eat around here.

 Lamb is a grass fed meat and it's cheaper than grass feed beef.

Anyway I hope you find this info. helpful and that you give Lamb a try.

Eat and Enjoy.