Ricotta Cheese Substitute


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The other night our daughter wanted Manicotti for her birthday dinner. I went shopping the day before and thought I got everything I 

needed and was sure I had the cheese at home. Only come to find out I needed Ricotta cheese after all. I( was really stuck. Everyone 

knows Manicotti and Lasagna is ALWAYS better the next day so I wanted to make it ahead and eat it the next day. What was I going to do 

with out Ricotta or Cottage cheese? So I looked in my fridge and found I had cream cheese and sour cream. Then I mixed equal parts of 

both to make the texture right and tasted it. It tasted great so I went ahead and used it instead of running out to the store which is 8 miles 

away. I was hoping it would go over well, sweating while I waited to see everyones comments. Whew, it worked! No one knew what I did

and they all said it was the best they ever had.

I love being creative and making substitutes that work, well at that.