Many of you may not know that Cast Iron Pam has her very own line of Seasonings. She also has cookbooks she writes and sells.

To purchase any seasonings or cookbooks you can either call or email her. Another thing you may not realize is that she also has a nut 

business-Warfield Farms. Both businesses are ran out of her house. Sooo, If you are in the area you can always stop by to try  some

samples of nuts, and /or rice syrup. 

Keep your eyes open. From time to time Pam will have tastings that she will post on Facebook, and send out emails to inform you of an

event coming up.

If you have any questions about a recipe or you would like some information that she can help you with, Please call or email her. Pam is 

always ready to help.

You can reach Pam at (530) 528-8825 or email her at: