Stretching Your Food Dollars


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Need to stretch the food dollars? Here's a tidbit for you…

How to serve 6 people four meals for $14 using 1 chicken:

1. Cook Chicken (I use big chickens) on the barbecue and serve it with a cool green salad. (Cost about $6) 

2. The next day take the drippings and the carcasses from the chickens and make Chicken Stock. (Cost about $1) Use the chicken stock and make Ranch Beans for dinner and serve it with Corn Bread and Salad. (Cost about $4)

3. Take the leftover chicken meat and cut it up into bite size pieces. throw on a couple of potatoes to bake or peel and cut them into bite size pieces, put them in a pot of water and boil 'til tender and drain the water off, and use them to make Chicken Pot Pie.(Cost about $3)


4. Use leftover beans and any leftover chicken to make Tamale pie.

There you have 4 meals from 1 Chicken total cost of about $14. How's that for stretching your food dollars?!